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First Brew Day

Sunday - 24/05/20

This was a special day for us as we embarked on our first brew as Sobremesa.

A pretty simple recipe that consisted of pilsner & wheat (from House of Malt) and Australian rolled spelt, rye & oats. Made with filtered Melbourne water, Magnum (GM), Tettnang (GM) & Saaz (CZ) hops.

Any local noble hop growers please get in touch, would love to have a chat.

We filled 3 hogsheads of saison & 1 with a table beer. We have always been a big of fan of low ABV beers so this barrel is an exciting experiment for us. At the very least we will be enjoying this after work or at lunch with quality food and good company.

After all Saison was designed to be consumed while working right?

We used a blend of our favourite saison strains. Barrels 1 + 2 are undergoing a primary co-fementation with brett brux. and 3 + 4 will see the introduction of different brett. strains in secondary fermentation.

Hope everyone is coping out there.

- casey, hannah & buddy