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Without Concern - Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery

Without Concern

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‘without concern’ | traditional - leipzig style gose | barrel fermented | 4.8%

Production time / 8 months

96 x 750mL bottles available online // 468 bottles produced total

I have been wanting to make one of these beers since the first time a ritterguts gose touched my lips.

This is a traditional style / leipzig gose - un fruited and un adulterated.

The name 'Without Concern' is paying homage to one of the original gose taverns in Leipzig - Ohne Bedenken. When this tavern first started serving gose in 1905, patrons were only accustomed to pilsner or bavarian wheat beers. People would try it and ask 'is this stuff drinkable'? To which the publican would reply 'Ohne Bedenken' (without a concern).

Brewed with 100% Australian grown grains. Floor malted - pilsner, wheat & raw wheat from House of Malt (VIC) w/ australian flaked oats. Lightly hopped w/ Saaz (CZ) to 5 IBU. Crushed indian coriander and australian sea salt were added towards the end of the boil.

Primary fermentation occurred in a hogshead and a barrique for 6 months with a blend of saccharomyces, lactobacillus and brett. lambicus. 

This is a blend of both of these barrels.

Packaged on April 15th 2022 and bottle conditioned for 7 weeks.

The aroma is complex but inviting. Components of salt water, preserved lemons & freshly baked sourdough bread. The underlying funk really ties everything together.

The palate is lovely and very moreish. Fresh grapefruit, coriander leaf & hay before a refreshing wave of salinity hits. There is a driving acid line that reminds us of Mosel riesling.

This beer is really gastronomic and something we are very proud of.

Bottled by gravity | unfined | unfiltered | bottle conditioned | vegan friendly