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Soulflower - Blend 02 - Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery

Soulflower - Blend 02

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‘Soulflower’ // Stainless Aged - Saison // Can Conditioned // 5.4%

Production time / 11 weeks

Blend / 02

We are very happy to announce the return of Soulflower and our first core-range beer.

Brewed with 100% Australian grown grains.
Floor malted - pilsner from House of Malt (VIC). Australian rolled wheat, rye, oats & barley. Hopped hotside w/ Saaz (CZ), Styrian Golding (SL) & Tettnang (DE) to 26 IBU.

Fermented warm in stainless for 4 weeks with our house saison strain. Unfiltered and naturally conditioned.

Packaged on August 21st 2022 and can conditioned for 7 weeks.

Blend - #02 is very reminiscent of spring. Pear & peppercorns sing while the balance is tilted towards white flowers. Fermentation driven w/ an assertive bitterness.

Zippy, light, fresh and thirst quenching.

Reminds us of listening to Freddie Joachim in a park w/ good company.

**All four pack holders are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp. Certified home compostable and carbon neutral**

fermented warm | unfiltered | can conditioned | never less