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Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan

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'retirement plan' | mixed culture saison | barrel fermented | 5.7%

Production time | 17 months

This is a blend of two mixed culture saisons.

70 % | 12 month old saison fermented in a puncheon
30% | 9 month old saison fermented in a barrique.

Packaged on September 21st 2023 and naturally conditioned in can for 6 months.

This is a beautiful showcase of two barrels that sung when blended together. 

B23 (12 month old puncheon) had a brett character that showcased alot of depth as well as a developed acid profile.
B19 (9 month old barrique) was vibrant, classic saison esters and just starting to show it's age.

Aroma's of candied apricot, mornings by the ocean & honey.
On the palate it presents as nectarines w/ elements of chenin blanc.

Bright & zippy, complex & delicious.

fermented warm | unfiltered | can conditioned | never less