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False Narrative
False Narrative

False Narrative

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 'false narrative' | farmhouse IPA | blend of barrel fermented blonde ales | dry hopped w/ citra & azacca | 6.0%

Production time | 8 months

This is a collaboration w/ our good pals at Boomstick, they have also created some beautiful stemware to match.
Born out of a mutual love for IPA's and mixed fermentation, this was a nice opportunity to step outside our normal operation and brew something different.

Brewed with 100% Australian grown grains.
Veloria, Munich, Chit Malt & Winter Wheat from Voyager (NSW). Paired w/ a heavy dose of Australian Flaked Wheat & Rolled Oats. Hopped heavily in the boil & whirlpool w/ Citra (US), Chinook (US) & Azacca (US) to 30 IBU.

This beer went through open fermentation in 3 neutral barriques with a blend of Kveik strains - Opshaug & Bergen at 35C to promote ester formation. After primary had finished we pitched our favourite brett strains to mature in barrel for 5.5 months.

This is a blend of all three barriques. We transferred to stainless & dry hopped w/ Citra (US) & Azacca (US) at the rate of 6g/L for 72 hours prior to packaging.

Packaged on July 6th 2023 and bottle conditioned for 11 weeks.

Stewed orange, over ripe guava & subtle hints of juniper on the nose.
The palate screams tangelo. nana's marmalade and a juiciness that reminds me of a mimosa.
Moreish acid, soft bitterness and a pillowy carb.

Accidentally hazy..

Bottled by gravity | unfined | unfiltered | bottle conditioned | vegan friendly