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Easy Like Sunday Morning - Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery

Easy Like Sunday Morning

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‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ // 5.4%

Production time / 12 months

84 x 375mL bottles available online  // 144 bottles produced total

 This is a small 100L batch. A collaboration w/ the legends at Monks Chai/Monk Bodhi Dharma.

We picked a barrel that was soft and delicate with restrained funk to use as a blank canvas. The base beer is a saison that has been aged in a puncheon for 11 months. Brewed with 100% Australian grown grains. Floor malted pilsner, munich & malted wheat from House of Malt (VIC). Australian rolled triticale, rolled barley and rolled oats. Hopped w/ Strisselspalt (FRA) and Motueka (NZ) in the boil to 22 IBU.

We took this base and aged it on wet chai leaves from monks chai for 3 weeks at the rate of 5g/L.

Packaged on September 09th 2021 and bottle conditioned for 11 weeks.

This a really delicate beer. A lovely harmony between chai and saison. It has picked up an orange hue from conditioning on the chai leaves. Aromas of clove, orange, ginger root & subtle eucalyptus.

On the palate it sings star anise which presents as black liquorice/jelly beans, cinnamon and a hearty pimento kick on the back palate. This is really interesting as the pimento presents in the finish when you drink the chai as well.

Super dry, highly carbed and refreshing.

It's a real journey through the different flavours present in the chai and saison and we think both products have been allowed to shine.

Bottled by gravity | unfined | unfiltered | bottle conditioned | vegan friendly