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Dumpster Diving - Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery

Dumpster Diving

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‘Dumpster Diving’ // 5.7%

60 x 750mL bottles available online  // 260 bottles produced total

We've been wanting to make a bière de coupage since we started Sobremesa, so we are stoked we have gotten to this point with our aged stock.

"Bière de Coupage" simply means beer that is "cut" or "blended". In this case we have blended 2 portions: -

63 % young (2 month old) stainless saison - dry hopped w/ hallertau blanc at the rate of 4g/L - 37 % 12 month old saison aged in a single 500L puncheon

Blended and packaged on July 3rd 2021 and bottle conditioned for 12 weeks. Aromas of elderflower, mandarin and tomato leaf. The herbaciousness reminds us of whole cluster fermentation in wine.

On the palate it's full of candied apricot, lemongrass & sauvignon blanc. There is a mild acidity that really cuts through the present funk & bitterness.

One of our favourite beers to date and a concept we will continue to explore.

Dumpster diving has two meanings :

- a shout-out to one of the greatest hip-hop groups on the planet - the doppelgangaz (check em out if you haven't already)

- and the concept where the sum is greater then the parts involved. We wouldn't have packaged these beers individually but together they've created something special.

Bottled by gravity | unfined | unfiltered | bottle conditioned | vegan friendly