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Broken Time - Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery
Broken Time - Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery

Broken Time

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‘Broken Time’ // 6.2%

60 x 750mL bottles available online  // 420 bottles produced total

If you have followed our journey so far you would know that we strive for dry, crisp, funky & bitter beers.

This is a nod to the bitter beers of Belgium that have shaped our palates for the better.

Using 100% floor malted pilsner from House of Malt in Ballarat, VIC (AU) & hallertau mittelfruh (GER) in the boil to 65 IBU.

This beer went through primary fermentation for 4 weeks in stainless w/ a belgian yeast strain that produces less esters then our house saison strain. We then added brett. brux & brett. lambicus at bottling time.

Packaged on August 14th 2021 and bottle conditioned for 8 weeks.This drinks some where between a saison and a lager.

Aromas of doughy bread & thyme on the nose. On the palate it's full of dandelion & sage balanced by the creamy grains.

Super crisp & refreshing w/ an assertive bitterness and fluffy carbonation.

Broken time refers to a way of playing jazz in which the beat is not stated explicitly - irregular & improvised. This is what we do at Sobremesa, take inspiration but always stay in our own lane.

This is definitely one of our cleaner offerings and a favourite here at the brewery.

Perfect for the park picnics and will be rewarding to cellar.

Bottled by gravity | unfined | unfiltered | bottle conditioned | vegan friendly